27th May 2015 Andy Taylor

Affordable websites – why WordPress?

Norfolk based iNubis can build you a custom website but for most SME’s the question has to be “why would you want to do that?”

WordPress is not just for bloggers, there are some seriously huge companies using WordPress platforms to communicate with their market including:

The Rolling Stones
Marks & Spencer Business
Sony Music

Pretty big names you have to admit … so if WordPress is good enough for them why shouldn’t it be good enough for you?

WordPress is no longer just a blog site it has become so much more, so here are 10 good reasons why you should consider a wordpress site and why iNubis recommends WordPress sites.

1. Affordable websites

Custom built sites tend to be expensive.  There are some amazing WordPress themes out there developed by thousands of insanely talented designers for your benefit.  So it’s easy to pick a theme and then brand it in your company colours, with your imagery and your copy. The result can be something stunning like http://jamesrobinsonimages.co.uk/.  This site totally reflects this photographers personality and showcases his work in a brilliant format.

2. Open Source Software

The beauty of WordPress is that it is all open source which basically means the software is free to download and use, this encourages innovation and creates a large helpful community, willing to share it’s knowledge.  Some website companies will tell you that their platforms are better than Wordpress and this may indeed be so but when you come to move, as some of our clients have found, then often it will be more cost effective to start again from scratch rather than try to work with another developers code.  Bespoke platforms are often developed by a handful of people, Wordpress developed by thousands of people so there is big support community and your website is 100% transportable should you fall out with your web company.

3. Easy to Install

Wordpress is easy to install therefore the speed in which you can be up and running with your website is dramatically reduced.  This is also a reason for their affordability.

4. Amazing Themes

There are thousands of brilliant WordPress themes.   These form the look and basic structure of your website,  however it should be noted that we can also customise an existing theme or create a fully customised theme tailored for your exact requirements.  Here is another site where the client has full control … and populated to it’s existing state in the last 6 weeks http://www.leapinghare.org/  Some amazing features on here and if this was a custom site it would have taken many months to get to this stage. (and a shed load more money!)

5. Plugins

Plugins add additional functionality and features to your website – site security, search engine optimisation, fancy galleries, social media integration, ecommerce.  They are easy to install and make your site very expandable  – your site can grow as your business grows.

6. Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) makes your site search engine friendly and helps it to appear higher up in the search engine results page.  Ideally you would want to be page one, position one of google for any of your key search terms.  In reality this is not always possible as there are many varying factors however WordPress SEO does help with it’s performance. A WordPress site with an SEO plugin can really help to make your site more SEO friendly – remember the more people that find your site the more likely you will receive an enquiry for your product or service and ultimately a sale.

7. Simple Content Management System

We have used many platforms for our clients including Joomla, Opencart and bespoke CMS’s (Content Management Systems) but WordPress is by far the easiest to use.  This means that you, the user, are able to update/add content to your site easily and quickly without the need for an experienced programmer to do it.  Saves you money!

8. Expandable and Adaptable

A WordPress website can be as big as you want it to be, from a blog page to large ecommerce website. The beauty of a WordPress website is that it can grow and adapt as your business evolves and often the process is much more affordable and quick.

9. Trending Features

Because Wordpress is developed by thousands of developers all trying to create unique features that differentiate one website from another, these ideas often become updates, themes or plugins for you to use on your website.  Parallax scrolling is one of our favourites for video and images and we have used it on the iNubis site.  Responsiveness for mobile devices is a must these days so nearly all WordPress themes offer that.  To see what I mean ask your current  website developers to make your existing custom built site responsive and see how how much it will cost!

10. Blogging

WordPress is world renowned for its blog websites.  Blogging should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy so combine an awesome theme with a very easy to use blog platform then you will have a very powerful website – not only will it look good it will perform even better (assumes you use the blog regularly!)

So, some of the world’s top companies use it, some of the biggest bands use it.  It’s easy to use and very affordable so in my opinion you would be mad not to consider a WordPress website.

If you would like further information please get in touch with iNubis

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