14th March 2015 Andy Taylor

Welcome to inubis

Welcome to the inubis website.  The inubis Website Agency was formed by IT specialist Andrew Herbert (Secure IT) and graphic designer Andy Taylor (www.mashuni.com) as a direct response to requests from people and businesses who were genuinely were dissatisfied with the service received, or charges made from their existing website and hosting providers.  Both could not understand why so many people were asking for their help and it got to a stage where they said “if we offer a good service and a good end product at a reasonable price then we should be able to help loads of customers and build a successful website and hosting business”.

Add a top quality photographer James Robinson and a highly experienced copywriter Mark Nicholls and you have the makings of a very creative web agency and inubis website solutions was created.

If you would like an alternative quote or a different view from a company that understands that the customer is the most important aspect of any business and deserves to be treated as we would want to be treated then get it touch.  We would love to help.

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